NeuCo - The Optimization Standard

Customer Satisfaction

100% customer satisfaction has been NeuCo’s #1 goal since we were founded in 1997, and it continues to be our #1 goal today. Our commitment to exceeding customer expectations is demonstrated through our time-tested optimization technology, customer-driven product development, best-practice implementation process and proactive customer support program.

At NeuCo, we’re only successful when our customers are successful. That’s why our #1 goal is 100% customer satisfaction.

Satisfying customers means partnering with and listening to them so that we understand their most important business issues. It requires aligning our solutions, people, and processes with those needs – whether we’re developing new products, proactively monitoring your system’s performance from our Customer Center, or installing a solution tailored to the unique needs of your plant. Satisfying customers means that we provide superior and proactive customer support, so that you can sustain the value that your NeuCo technology delivers.

We’re only successful when our solutions and services help customers attain their goals – whether it’s lowered emissions, improved efficiency, enhanced reliability, or optimizing for an improved bottom-line. As the world’s only company that is solely focused on power plant optimization, NeuCo is committed to generating value for our customers.