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Plant Optimization Tour -- Westar Energy's Jeffrey Energy Center

NeuCo's Plant Optimization Tour in 2014 took place at Westar's Jeffrey Energy Center (JEC) in St Marys, Kansas on June 18-19, 2014. The tour highlighted how JEC's utilizes NeuCo's BoilerOpt package - the combination of CombustionOpt and SootOpt - to optimize emissions, improve heat rate, and minimize overall sootblowing activity without compromising cleanliness or increasing slagging.

Over the course of two days, attendees learned about the different project objectives, constraints, implementation procedures, achieved benefits and continuous improvement efforts. A tour of the Jeffrey Energy Center concluded the event, where attendees saw BoilerOpt in action and interacted with the project team members at Jeffrey Energy Center.

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About Jeffrey Energy Center

Westar Energy's Jeffrey Energy Center, located in St Marys, KS, is the largest coal plant in Kansas, with three units each rated at 800 gross MW (3 x 720 MW net). The units are CE T-fired boilers, base loaded, with double furnaces, and are burning low sulfur sub-bituminous (PRB) coal. All three units are equipped with ESP-CS, FGD-WS, LNB, SOFAs, and there is an extra layer of over-fire air on Units 2 and 3 (TOFAs). The plant is in the process of installing SNCRs on Units 2, and 3 and a SCR on Unit 1. The DCS systems at the units are ABB Bailey's. Unit 1 began operation in 1978, Unit 2 in 1980, and Unit 3 in 1983. BoilerOpt was installed on all three units during a 2008-2012 time frame.

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