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Plant Optimization Tour -- CPS Energy's Spruce Plant

NeuCo's "Plant Optimization Tour” program showcases our optimization solutions in real-time at a variety of generating units. A supplement to our larger Users Summits, these tours enable NeuCo customers and others interested in optimization technology to visit plants with different boiler types, operational challenges, product mixes and benefits. They highlight how users benefit from NeuCo products and spread best practices among the User Group. 

Thanks to all who participated in the May 2011 Spring Plant Optimization Tour at CPS Spruce Station!  This was our best attended plant tour to date. 

Prior to the start of the tour, we had a chance to sit down with Joe Sepulveda and Randy Davis, of CPS Spruce Unit 1, to discuss the plant's Boiler Optimization project and best practices.  Click on the videos below to watch the clips and learn more about the project.  For copies of the presentations, email us at  

The first video is an introduction to the Spruce plant and describes their use of CombustionOpt since 2001.

The second video discusses the addition of SootOpt in 2010: the justification process and goals, the implementation process, resource requirements and operator involvement.

The third video discusses the results from a recent benefits analysis and offers advice to those interested in investing in BoilerOpt technology.