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MaintenanceOpt helps improve unit availability by alerting users to potential equipment health problems and expediting problem diagnosis and resolution. It monitors plant data in real time, notifies the user when actual equipment values deviate from expected values, and provides contextual information, heuristic rules and other diagnostic support. MaintenanceOpt streamlines the entire lifecycle by which equipment health issues go from detection to resolution, saving valuable time. 

Benefits Include:

  • Minimizes likelihood of catastrophic failures
  • Increases unit uptime
  • Improves unit efficiency 
  • Shortens the issue detection-through-resolution lifecycle
  • Customizes to meet your workflow and resource requirements
  • Integrates with existing maintenance infrastructure 

MaintenanceOpt functionality will soon be included in the ProcessOpt product. MaintenanceOpt is focused primarily on equipment health issues – particularly on alerting users when a piece of equipment was at risk of failing. ProcessOpt makes a much broader collection of triggers available – including trigger packages focused on equipment health, but also packages focused on identifying the cause of failures to meet a wide range of objectives such as thermal efficiency, NOx, and capacity targets.

To view the MaintenanceOpt product brochure in .pdf format, click here.