NeuCo - The Optimization Standard


PerformanceOpt calculates hundreds of heat rate related values that enable you to track your heat rate in real time, and if it’s higher than you expect, to determine what it is that’s causing the problem.  PerformanceOpt uses a comprehensive set of first principles-based performance calculations to continuously monitor unit efficiency and search for performance degradation. With information from thousands of actual and virtual sensors, PerformanceOpt provides an understanding of how generating unit subsystems are performing and where efficiency and capacity bottlenecks are occurring. With its unit-wide perspective, it tracks the efficiency of the entire generation process.

PerformanceOpt previously alerted users to issues that were keeping the unit from achieving its thermal efficiency potential.  That functionality is still available, but is now offered as part of the ProcessOpt product.  ProcessOpt makes a much broader collection of triggers available – including trigger packages focused on thermal efficiency, but also packages focused on equipment health and on identifying the cause of failures to meet a wide range of objectives such as NOx, CO, and capacity targets. 

To view the PerformanceOpt product brochure in .pdf format, click here.