NeuCo - The Optimization Standard

ProcessLink® Platform

All of NeuCo’s products are built on the ProcessLink software platform. ProcessLink contains multiple modeling and optimization technologies that can be applied in combination to address a wide range of power industry optimization challenges in a holistic way. ProcessLink combines these technologies with the latest Microsoft.Net enterprise software and a robust computational engine that is capable of coordinating and supporting millions of decisions in real-time across a fleet of generating assets. 

Intellectual Property
NeuCo has always held that the ability to achieve the integration and flexibility required for power plant optimization can only be achieved through 100% ownership of intellectual property (“IP”), thus it does not license IP from any third party. Many NeuCo employees have experience in successfully using artificial intelligence (“AI”) principles to solve a variety of complex problems. We have also made significant investments in research and development to create a number of leading optimization products and to amass a portfolio of more than 150 patents.
Hybrid Modeling & Optimization Methods
ProcessLink software features hybrid optimization methods, recognizing that each optimization technology has strengths and weaknesses. We choose the appropriate technology or combination of technologies for the optimization problem at hand so that superior results are achieved. Types of modeling and optimization technologies deployed by ProcessLink include numeric optimization (such as design of experiments), neural networks, model predictive control, first principles and expert (rules-based) systems. 
Optimizer Coordination
ProcessLink coordinates what were previously handled as distinct operating and management processes by putting them into a common context. By integrating together disparate data sources and knowledge provided by the optimizers, ProcessLink enables performance comparisons and tradeoffs across units, plants and an entire fleet so that operators and managers can take actions towards a common business objective. This creates a collaborative “1 + 1 = 3” effect instead of having optimizers fighting with one another as they strive to optimize interdependent processes.  ProcessLink’s aggregation capabilities ensure that the right knowledge gets in the hands of the right people in time to make the right decisions. Optimization opportunities and impacts, advice, explanations and performance benchmarks from all the Optimizers are available through ProcessLink’s action-centric portals.